Bullpen Session – Iron Eagle

The Bullpen Session is a weekly round-up of my observations surrounding Cubs baseball and much, much more!

On the menu this week: Blackhawks hockey, the departure of Micah Hoffpauir, playoff expansion and one of my favorite movies.

–The Blackhawks are reminding me of the 2010 Cubs. They’re losing against the league’s bottom feeders the way our Cubbies did against Pittsburgh and the likes.

It’s not the start we expected from our defeanding Stanley Cup champs, despite the fact they lost 10 players from its cup roster.

Fortunately, however, the season is young. But home losses against Edmonton, twice, and New Jersey raised some eyebrows and the question: are the Hawks even a playoff team?

I’m quite confident to say they are playoff bound, and the huge 5-0 shutout Wednesday night at Edmonton gives Chicago a strong start to its annual Circus Trip.

–Blackhawks analyist Steve Konroyd is one of the best in the business. He’s overlooked because he’s not a flashy personality on camera.

But what Konroyd lacks in personality he more than makes up for by delivering spot-on observations and pointed interviews.

–Micah Hoffpauir is headed to Japan. I’ve got the feeling he’s going to be a shining star in the East, similar to another former-Cub, Matt Murton.

Hoffpauir’s needed a change of scenery for awhile now. He never caught on with the Cubs in a full-time role, mainly due to Derrek Lee, but I think we haven’t seen the last of Micah in the big leagues, either.

I’ve always thought the Cubs should have traded him when they had the chance.

–Of course Jim Hendry is in favor of playoff expansion. What GM wouldn’t want the chance to increase their odds of making the postseason?

Playoff expansion, however, is more beneficial for GMs and television than it is for baseball itself. Besides, what’s wrong with making the regular season mean something?

And just how many more ‘Frank TV’ and ‘Coco’ commercials are you willing to put up with?

–Indianapolis vs. New England is the best rivalry in the NFL–hands down.

The two premier organizations in pro football have squared off 11 times since 2002, including the postseason, and have split the series right down the middle. That’s the true meaning of a rivalry.

As for this Sunday, I like the Patriots at home. Tough take coming from a Colts fan.

–Am I the only person who doesn’t get Tyler Perry’s humor? His sitcoms, his movies–not funny.

–Caught one of my favorite movies during my childhood Monday night. Iron Eagle: starting Louis Gossett Jr. and Jason Gedrick.

It’s a dead spin-off of Top Gun, which came out the same year, but garnered mixed reviews at the box office.

Nonetheless, I’m a sucker start to finish every time!

“Damit Chappy, I’m doing it my way!”


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