Name That Cub!

Is a Chicago native.
Pitched two seasons in the majors.
Made his debut on September 11, 1981.
Made his final appearance on September 11, 1982.
Has two World Series rings.
Name that Cub!

-Larry Rothschild



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4 responses to “Name That Cub!

  1. Douglas Heeren

    And now a Yankee!! At some of the other baseball web sites I frequent, there isn’t much love for old Larry. One quick note, Topps is picking their 60 best cards for their 60th aniversity next year. You can vote for 10 cards once a day at their web site. The Ernie Banks rookie card is the only Cub. The number of Mickey Mantle cards is over kill.

  2. bullpenbrian

    The Topps voting is pretty cool.
    But you’re right about ‘The Mic’…14 of his cards are in the voting.
    Rest assured I’ll put my vote in for Mr. Cub!

  3. old side armer

    Good one. I guess I didn’t know old Larry has World Series rings. I pitched with some guys in the low(I mean really low) minors that finally made it to the bigs with the Orioles and got rings in 1970. Of course, in 1969 and 1971 they lost the fall classic. I don’t hold grudges. In 1969 I was following the Series on the radio and The Amazing Mets seemed like they had all the lot in the World(series that is). In 1971, my Orioles were beat by a better team. Baltimore had better pitching on paper, four, count them, FOUR 20 game winners, but the Bucco’s won anyway. Clemente simply killed us.

    I wish Mr. Rothschild well with the Yanks. Who knows, this may be his dream job and we are all dreamers at heart. I wanted to be a major leaguer but uncle Sam had better ideas for me. No regretts. I got to see the world. My granson is a soccer player. I go to his games. He is just starting to play some T-ball. He’s just seven. My dream is for him to play for the Cubs. He comes to my house and looks at all the pictures on the wall or ball teams. I have a few Cubs team picures, the ones that show just there heads from Santo’s days. Did you know Santo led the league in triples one year? So did Timmy McCarver. Hit’m where they ain’t.

    Well, I like the web site. Anything the Cubs I like. In fact I like all the major league teams to some degree but not the Red Sox. Their scout told me when I was 16 yrs old that I should be a farmer and give up on baseball. Of course the next year I grew four inches, dropped down my arm angle to high side arm and started throwing bee-bees. I got drafted when I was 21. The best guess from the guys in the know back then was that I was throwing in the low 90s. But that was about it, fastball, changeup..nada. It was the sinker that I threw for one season that would have, could have gotten me to the show.
    It’s kind of ironic your site is called bullpen Brian. My old pitching coach in the minors was this guy in a wheel chair named Brian something, maybe Betters or Britton. Something like that. That was over 40 years ago now. Time by Pink Floyd, great song. Enuff for now.

  4. bullpenbrian

    I can tell your baseball days are very fond memories for you–even if you fell short of the show.
    I too, spent a long time in my early 20s gunning for the majors, only it was behind a radio mic!
    To some degree, that dream isn’t over…you just never know, I guess.
    I’m sure Rothschild had some doubts he’d ever end up with New York.
    Didn’t know McCarver led the league in triples, either!
    Good for your grandson. Maybe he’s talented enough to help the US win the World Cup some day!
    Or maybe he should become a farmer? JK:)
    By the way, one of my favorite pitchers growing up was side-winding Scott Sullivan (Cincy, CHW, KC).
    I caddied for him a couple of times at a local golf course.
    Dude always left me a nice tip and tickets for the upcoming home series. Class act.

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