Carlos Pena Good Fit For Cubs

I believe signing Carlos Pena is a good move for the Cubs.
He’s exactly what the Cubs are looking for at first base: good glove and a left-handed stick with power.

I think of Pena as a good clubhouse guy, too.
Ten-year veteran who’s played on winning teams, played in the postseason.
The kind of experience the Cubs need in its young dugout.

The Cubs official website is reporting the deal at 1-yr for $10M.
That’s a lot of dough for a 33-year-old coming off a poor season.
But I’ll take that vs. one of Jim Hendry’s famous back-loaded multi-year deals.

Some will look at Pena’s ugly 2010 season (.196 avg) and gush–$10M for this guy! The flip side, however, is you’re looking at a player who should be motivated to prove he still has game–enough for a big-money, multi-year deal in 2012.

If, in fact, Pena is looking to prove his detractors wrong, that last season was just a blimp on the radar, that’s to his and the Cubs’ benefit.

It also mean we’re looking at a guy whose career season average is .241, 35 HR & 98 RBI. Numbers that could surely hold up at tiny Wrigley Field.

I’ve said many times the Cubs are just a few moves away from contending in 2011. Pena puts them a step closer, and adding a quality rotation and bullpen arm makes them a legitimate threat in the NL Central.

Not everyone, of course, will agree with the signing of Pena. But I like that the Cubs are re-tooling instead of rebuilding. If Pena helps Chicago win now, I say, why not?


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