Bullpen Session – No Dinosaurs

The Bullpen Session is a weekly round-up of my observations surrounding Cubs baseball and much, much more!

–Who knew Ryan Theriot and Luke Scott were this dumb? I didn’t, at least, not until they both  reached Carl Everett status with their ill-advised interview ramblings this week.

Theriot said he’s finally on the ‘right side’ of the Cubs vs. Cards rivalry. Scott called President Obama’s birth certificate into question.
Seriously, fellas, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

Theriot’s bashing of the Cubs comes as a surprise. It’s far from the professionalism he showed with the Cubs.

And when did hammering your old mates become the best approach to joining a new team, let alone, the arch-rival? Don’t think his words didn’t raise a few eyebrows in St. Louis’ clubhouse, either.

I would have guessed Theriot knew better, but clearly I’m wrong. Chicago fans, however, were nothing but fair to Ryan–probably too fair at times. Yet, he seems to have forgotten the love…and there’s no guaranteeing St. Louis will support him equally.

I can tell you this, though, Ryan’s sound-bites are cute for the moment, but with time, he’ll be kicking his own tail.

–MEANWHILE, Luke Scott showed us the beauty of what being an American is all about. Here’s a man who makes $8M a year playing ball, but believes a conspiracy theory that our Prez is a phony.

Because no one, neither Democrats nor Republicans, thought to check Obama’s birth certificate. I guess stupidity is the downside to being a millionaire with a boring five-month offseason. C’mon Luke, grow up!

–Just about everyone I talked with says they woke up Friday morning to the sad news of Ron Santo’s passing. I was making my morning cup of coffee when I heard the report on WGN radio.

Major bummer, for sure. Cub games on the radio won’t be the same. I feel for Pat Hughes, too. Jumping in the broadcast booth without Ron is sure to be tough on the voice of the Cubs.

Santo, unquestionably, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I can’t forgive the voting committee should they finally enshrine him without Ron being here to accept the honor. I’ve started viewing Baseball’s HOF in the same light as the Heisman Trophy. A bunch of bologna.

–I admit, I watched LeBron’s return to Cleveland. Although, TNT’s pre-game show was far better than the outcome. I tuned out midway through the first quarter. Like Cleveland fans, I was there to boo James, no less, no more.

–My Colts (6-6) have a .500 record in December for the first time since 2001. I think that’s pretty amazing given the parity of the NFL.

Peyton, obviously, is the exception to the rule, the difference maker who made this possibly. But I’m not surprised how quickly the masses have pointed to No.18 as the problem this year.

Sure, Manning is going through a tough stretch, but his offense is decimated by injuries. Despite losing three-straight, however, Indy is just a single game back of Jacksonville in the AFC South.

Will the Colts make the playoff? As I like to say, never doubt No. 18.

–I’m begging the NFL to do away with its throwback uniforms.  There’s a reason NFL teams improved its logos–the old ones stink.

The Packers digs this last Sunday were hideous. But Green Bay isn’t the only guilty party. Philly, Pittsburgh and others have made shameful marketing ploys at selling the throwbacks. I’d hate to pay for a ticket and watch my team play in garb not fit for the Salvation Army.

–Best place I ate this week was a neighborhood favorite of mine–El Tapatio Cafe at 3400 N. Ashland. They serve half price large Margarita’s on Monday nights.

That zonked me out before halftime of the Monday Night Jets vs. Patriots game. Too bad I missed the ‘Game of the Year.’

–Best television show I enjoyed other than sports? Pallidia’s showing of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers performing in L.A. in 2002.



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4 responses to “Bullpen Session – No Dinosaurs

  1. Pickle

    Well, I couldn’t agree more with just about everything you said. First, I do question the qualifications of some of our political leaders, but how do people really believe that none bothered to check if the presidential candidates met the basic qualifications? And you know I’m a believer in Peyton. Just because the Colts don’t win every game, doesn’t mean that they aren’t fortunate enough to have one of the best quartebacks of all time picking up the pieces of his injured team.

  2. Pickle

    Also, you should have Goo draw you a dinosaur, his are great.

  3. bullpenbrian

    Spot-on, Pickle:)
    Luke Scott…what a kook!
    Peyton and the Colts play tonight against Tennessee.
    A win and they’re tied with Jax for the division lead.
    Who doesn’t think No.18 won’t rebound!

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