Bullpen Session – Streaking

The Bullpen Session is a weekly round-up of my observations surrounding Cubs baseball and much, much more!

My Friday Cubs poll asked whether Carlos Pena was a good signing for Chicago.
55% said ‘Yes’.
33% said ‘Take it or leave it’.
11% said ‘No way’.

I was surprised the majority approve the signing. Although I like the move too, my guess was most Cubs fans would not. Ah, the beauty of the Cubs poll!

–I can’t belive Albert Pujols would ever become a Chicago Cub. The Cards might not have A-Rod type-money to offer Pujols, but that shouldn’t keep the first baseman from re-signing with St. Louis–long term.

St. Louis is too smart an organization not to work out an extension with Pujols. I could easily see the Cardinals offering a lifetime contract with big money upfront and a descending salary on the back-end.

Whatever the case, Pujols is worth every penny. And for the sake of baseball (thank you Cliff Lee) I wouldn’t want Albert playing anywhere else.

–What does it say about the Yankees if Kerry Wood, Carlos Zambrano and Mark Prior are all pitching in the Bronx next season?

That would’ve never happened 10 years ago. At least, not with ‘The Boss’ in charge. But as the Yankee dynasty grows older it’s becoming clear this isn’t our father’s Yankees or even our Yankees for that matter.

The Pinstripers will always have enough money to compete, but the dynasty days are long gone as long as New York gambles on high risk talent the likes of our former-Cubs.

–R.I.P. Bob Feller. World War II hero and all-time pitching great. The man started 484 games, threw an incredible 279 complete games–36 coming in one season–and racked up 266 wins! His resume also includes three no-hitters and 12 one-hitters. Astounding.

–Brett Favre’s 297 consecutive games streak is also astonishing. Including the playoffs it’s 321 straight starts. Unheard of in the NFL.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune says “there’s no comparison” between Favre’s streak and Cal Ripken’s record 2,632 consecutive games. Johnson goes on to say “Favre’s record is the greater accomplishment.”

Sorry K.C., but I disagree. Despite Favre playing with more risk for injury throughout the weekly wars of the NFL, Ripken showed up EVERYDAY for 162-games a year.

My point isn’t to diminish Favre’s brilliant run. It’s just that Ripken’s daily grind seems much more difficult to me.

For what it’s worth, I think Favre’s streak will be broken. Maybe it’s Peyton Manning or maybe it’s some kid who isn’t born yet. Ripken’s run, on the other hand, realistically may never be broken.

–Great video of the Minnesota Metrodome collapsing under heavy snow! But come to find out, this is actually the fourth time the inflatable roof has toppled under snowy conditions.

Isn’t it time to tear the dome down and start over–like before the Vikes skip town? After all, it’s winter in Minnesota, people. Try a retractable roof instead of a parachute.

–Finally watched Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Loved it! Everything I thought it would be and more. Awesome special effects. Reminds me of another one of my favorites–The Matrix. Terrific soundtrack, as well.

–Best place I’ve yet to dine: The Purple Pig. Lots of folks squealing about one of the 10 best new restaurants in America as rated by Bon Appetit Magazine. Gotta get me some Purple Pig.


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