Bullpen Session – Leg Lamp

The Bullpen Session is a weekly round-up of my observations surrounding Cubs baseball and much, much more!

–Another holiday season in the books. As always, I ate way too much dessert and starved my body of way too much beauty sleep. Oh, the holidays!

–Nothing beats a Best Buy gift card. Got two of them, but not sure how I’ll spend the plastic. Last year was a new PC. Still weighing my options for this January.

–Also got a new pair of comfy lounge pants. It’s an Indianapolis Colts print, hand-made by Momma Bear, and similar to my Cubs pants, which could use their own offseason.

–The best gift, however, wasn’t mine. Although, I wouldn’t mind having one. A miniature Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. Twenty-bucks at Walgreens.

Best articles I read this week: SI.com’s rating of media sports personalities and Ron Santo’s last gift to his family.

Best meal this week: M. Henry’s breakfast burrito. Dear Lord, it’s tasty.

Best holiday commercial is Kahlua’s new campaign.

–Watched some good flicks this week, too. The Town, staring Ben Affleck, was terrific, and of course, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But the best was Rocky III & IV. Gets me throwing punches every time!

–MEANWHILE, some baseball and our CUBS…

So much for Brandon Webb. The Rangers agreed in principle with the former Cy Young Award winner on a one-year deal.

I was high on Webb, especially after Milwaukee landed Zack Greinke, but now the attention turns to Matt Garza and Fausto Carmona.

Landing either one would improve the Cubs’ starting rotation. And while many Cubs fans are high on the young arms in the organization, I’d still like to see Hendry land a big arm up front–even if it means dealing a few prospects.

Garza, as it turns out, earned the majority of votes from my Friday Cubs poll. The Rays right-hander garnered 32% of the vote. Webb was second with 23% and Carmona third with 18%.

–Sad to hear Rafael Palmeiro is sticking with his story that he never used steroids. Haven’t these knucklehead PED users learned anything?

Andy Pettitte and Jason Giambi half-apologized and were cheered. But Palmeiro, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds think we’re stupid enough to belive them.

No way Palmeiro–3,020 hits, 569 HR–deserves the thought of a HOF vote without coming clean. Same goes for the rest of the ‘riod users.

–Players born on December 25: Willy Taveras, Hideki Okajima, Gene Lamont and Hall of Famers Rickey Henderson, Nellie Fox and Pud Glavin.

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