Blackhawks The New Cubs

It seems the Blackhawks have morphed into the Cubs on ice.

At least that’s what comes to mind after taking in the Hawks’ 4-2 loss against Dallas Wed. night at the UC.

Although talented like our Cubs, much of it has been injured or under-performing through the first half of the season.

The Hawks are last in the Central division standings and out of the top eight playoff spots. It’s a hole that could easily swallow them up in a tight Western Conference–the same way the NL Central gobbled up the Cubs.

The Blackhawks bid to replace its Cup roster appears to have put too many new players in over their heads. They continuously start games slowly, turn the puck over and lose at home. In hockey terms: reminiscent of the Cubs’ 2010 season.

The Cubs, of course, didn’t rebound until September, after a coaching change and long after they were out of postseason contention.

The Hawks, however, are far from out of contention with half a season left to play. But I’m starting to doubt their rebounding powers. Coach Q isn’t leaving for Tampa, Mike Quade isn’t taking over behind the bench and Detroit isn’t easing up, either.

The biggest difference, though, between our Hawks and Cubs is that a championship makes such play paletable…at least for the time being.


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