Bullpen Session – Uncle Julio

The Bullpen Session is a weekly round-up of my observations surrounding Cubs baseball and much, much more!

–Not a good football week for me. I wrapped up my weekly NFL season picks at 161-95 (.628), far below my goal of (.700), went 2-2 in my postseason picks and found out my Colts pants aren’t that lucky after all.

My Wild Card picks included Colts, Ravens, Packers and Saints. This week I’m taking Pats, Ravens, Packers and the Bears.

–Meanwhile, Colts fans are crucifying coach Jim Caldwell for calling a timeout with 29 seconds left during the Colts 17-16 loss to New York.

The timeout wasn’t a popular move, but it’s not why the Colts lost, either. The  Jets’ offensive line dominated the second half leaving Peyton on the sideline and  the defense bumbling to stop L.T..

I’m not hung up on the timeout as much as I am seeing Reggie Wayne get one catch for one yard. Failing to get the ball to your best offensive weapon falls on both Manning and Caldwell. That can’t happen.

The big picture of the Colts’ season, however, is a remarkable one. Despite sending a whopping 18 players to injured reserve, they finished 10-6, won the division and lost a heartbreaker in the postseason. Wait til’ next year, right!

–Who guessed Seattle would knock off New Orleans? Not me.
–Watch Chicago burn to the ground if Seattle wins a second time at Soldier Field this season.
–Does it get any better than Green Bay vs. Chicago for the NFC championship?
–Baltimore is sneaky good…my sleeper pick to make the Super Bowl in the AFC.

–BCS National Championship Game…couldn’t care less. Really.


I’m glad Reed Johnson signed a minor league deal with Chicago this week. We all love Reed, no doubt, but I’m not sure where he fits on the current Cubs roster. And what does it say about the Cubs’ bench depth if Johnson makes the team?

–Randy Wells recently admitted he became a victim of the sophomore jinx going (8-14) with a 4.26 ERA following a brilliant rookie campagne of (12-10), 3.05 ERA.

Thing is, I tabbed Wells’ mentality completely wrong. He appeared so humble during his rookie year I figured he was a sure bet to improve in year two, not regress. If the 28-year-old rights the ship I think he’s capable of 14 or 15 wins this year. Let’s hope so anyway.

–The results of my Friday Cubs Poll asking whether the Cubs gave up too much in the Matt Garza–er, Joaquín Benoitdeal shows the majority is taking a wait and see approach.

-We’ll have to wait and see (53%)
-Not at all (43%)
-Yes, way too much (4%)

–Best meal this week: Uncle Julio’s on North Avenue. Pork tacos, yum!

–Best show on television other than sports: Mega-earthquake on the History channel. Buckle up middle America!


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