Kudos To Jim Hendry

I love the job Jim Hendry is doing this offseason. It’s been a tricky act, finding the right mix of players to compete in 2011 and beyond, but Hendry’s delivered.

Trading Gorzelanny is another feather in the GM’s cap. The deal relieves the Cubs of valuable dollars, about $2M, on Gorzo that can now go towards signing Matt Garza.

In return for Gorzelanny, the Cubs acquire several prospects that help offset the the trade for Garza which sent five potential major leaguers to Tampa Bay.

How his moves shape up, obviously, is yet to be determined. Although fully aware that none of Hendry’s moves, individually or collectively, guarantees the Cubs a winning season, he still deserves credit for his offseason thus far.

And with his job security seemingly in jeopardy, Hendry has also shown he’s a capable GM despite the money crunch the Cubs are under–of course, not all Cubs fans will agree.

Nonetheless, how Mike Quade’s team performs three months from now will ultimately decide Hendry’s fate. But there’s no question the Cubs have improved during the past several weeks under Hendry’s direction. For now, Jim’s job is safe.


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