Bullpen Session – Brewster’s Millions

Relax? There's a goddamn train going through the outfield!

The Bullpen Session is a weekly round-up of my observations surrounding Cubs baseball and much more!

Richard Pryor is one of my all time favorite funny men. Few make me laugh as hard as Pryor does.

I recently watched Brewster’s Millions staring Pryor as a minor league pitcher, Montgomery Brewster. The premise is he needs to waste $30M in 30 days in order to receive a $300m inheritance. But there’s a catch, of course, Brewster can’t tell anyone why he’s wasting his money!

So it’s a bad 80s flick, but I like it nonetheless. John Candy plays a predominate role as Brewster’s best friend and Brewster wears a Cubs jersey throughout.

Now put yourself in Brewster’s position. How would you waste $30M in 30 days, if given the chance? Think about it!

Hats off to Gil Meche for walking away from a guaranteed $12M. It’s not often a player is remembered solely for his principles rather than his stats, but Meche is the exception and will long be remembered for it.

–Again went (2-2) with my NFL playoff picks. Got Green Bay and Chicago right, but missed with Baltimore and New England. This Sunday I like the Packers and Jets.

–The Bears decision for this Sunday’s National Anthem is the right call. Will the tradition last? Only if the Bears win.

Cubs talk. Smart moves by Jim Hendry this offseason by avoiding arbitration with Geovany Soto (1-yr,$3M), Sean Marshall (2-yr,$4.7M) and Matt Garza (1-yr,5.95M).

Arbitration is an ugly process and does little to make either side happy, which is exactly what concerns me about a still unsigned Carlos Marmol.

–Milton Bradley in trouble with the law? Nooooo. Misunderstood, you say? Please. What an jerk. Bradley is clearly the worst move of Jim Hendry’s career.

–Best show on television other than sports: TLC’s Police Women of Cincinnati. It’s what reality TV should be–real and unscripted!

–Best meal this week: Chipotle chicken burrito with black beans, tomato, corn and hot sauce. De-lish!

Shoot, $10M for Carlos Pena


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