Which Is Falling Faster, Cubs Or Snow?

"You call this a blizzard? I've used baby powder thicker than this." "20-inches...ha ha ha ha ha!"

Snow is falling faster than the 2010 Cubs in the NL Central. Not much you can do about it, so I’m enjoying the weather for the time being.

I felt like Lieutenant Dan walking (or should I say wheeling?) home from work Tuesday evening. Old man winter howling, me drugging through snow drift, after snow drift, after snow drift. C’mon blizzard, let me have it!

For once, we have a winter storm living up to all the hype, and I can’t remember the last time that actually happened here in Chicago.

Instead of the typical reports falsely warning ‘get ready for 8-inches’ followed by a light dusting, we’re actually getting what’s been called for–a blizzard. And dare I say, we’re nearing 20-inches. But if it’s going to snow, I say, let it snow–Lieutenant Dan style.

Good job by the local meteorologist. You guys got this one right. I can only hope the same is said for the hype surrounding Sunday’s Super Bowl…and Brett Jackson, too!


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