Ferris Bueller Cubs Game

How do I start my day? BullpenBrian. That's how.

–Here’s the detective work of Larry Granillo of Baseball Prospectus. Although, his attempt to uncovered the date on which Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed at Wrigley Field–June 5, 1985has been called into question. Al Yellon writes “not so fast, my friend.”

AJ Walsh, from Goat Riders of the Apocalypse, wonders if there’s any hope for a Soriano trade to Texas for Michael Young?

So the Rangers have an overpaid infielder, and they want him to DH. Sort of like how the Cubs have an overpaid DH, and the team is asking him to play in the outfield.

–Dave van Dyck’s article on Cubs’ new pitching coach Mark Riggins.

Riggins instead believes in a no-nonsense, honesty-first, tough-love approach after working for 29 years in the Cardinals organization.

He already knows most of the young faces on the Cubs roster and has studied film of the veterans.

“The catchers are more important, to me, than the pitchers in getting done what I need done,” said Riggins.

"Lou Piniella...Piniella, Piniella, Piniella"


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2 responses to “Ferris Bueller Cubs Game

  1. kinkykelleykicksthekurse

    Thanks for the Ferris Bueller mystery solved – that’s awesome! Almost shed tears reading the Harry mention, god damn I loved that man! Funny story – when I was growing up I lived in Athens GA and every year we went to see the CUBS! and the braves play. One year I remember going to 3 games in a row and I thought and planned for a long time one night before the last game about leaving my seat and going to find Harry. I was going to tell him how horrible my parents were and I was going to ask him to take me home with him forever. I of course had no idea that Harry wasn’t in GA but I got up from my seat and walked around the whole stadium looking for him. Finally a guard found me and took me back to my parents. I was crying so hard because all I wanted was to go home with my hero Harry Caray. LOL
    Keep up the good work BB…Muah, Kinky Kelley

  2. Unreal! Thanks for sharing:)
    Harry is one in a million, no…make that one in a billion.
    I’ve listened to Pat Hughes’ highlight CD of Caray many times.
    Harry’s call never gets old. The goosebumps never go away…even though I always know what’s coming next.
    The man is truly missed.

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