Bullpen Session – Hidalgo

The Bullpen Session is a weekly round-up of my observations surrounding Cubs baseball and much, much more!

No, I’m not talking about Richard Hidalgo, the long time outfielder of the Houston Astros, but another cowboy-type, Frank T. Hopkins, the professional horseman who claimed to have won more than 400 long distance races. The legendary rider was also an activist for the preservation of the American Mustang.

In 2004, Viggo Mortensen, a favorite actor of mine, played Hopkins’ likeness in the motion picture Hidalgo, based off Hopkins’ life story, and his famous Mustang, Hidalgo.

For whatever reason, I love the film. Enough so that I’ll sit and watch the whole darn thing when it’s on AMC, which seems to be at least once per year. Hidalgo, however, is just one of a few films that ruin my productivity. Dances with Wolves, Open Range, The Godfather…forgetaboutit, I’m hooked!

-Something to get off my chest for my fellow Chicagoans. Stop blaming the city if you’re one of the folks who got stuck on Lake Shore Drive during the blizzard. We knew two days in advance that bad weather was on the way, and by bad weather, I mean a friggin’ blizzard. We also knew the storm was going to hit the city at 3pm, which it did.

I know there are exceptions, but what on earth are you doing driving in the first place, let alone on LSD? Wow, stuck driving in a blizzard? We’re all shocked here in with-it-ness land. Seriously people, wake up!

-Highly entertaining hockey game I caught on the NHL Network last week between Dallas and Boston. Namely, the opening faceoff which lasted all of one second. That’s when the first of three separate fights broke out–all within the first four seconds of the game! 91 penalty minutes, and nine goals later, Boston won on home ice 6-3.

-Go figure the biggest response to my Super Bowl XLV recap was regarding my critique of the halftime show. Check out this pic below from Failblog.org, you’ll see I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like the Black Eyed Peas’ performance.

-MEANWHILE, SOME BASEBALL NEWS…Andy Pettitte called it quits. Personally, I love the lefty. Even went out of my way several times to see him pitch in the flesh.

Of course, the steroids episode with Roger Clemens hurt. But I thought Pettitte handled the situation  well, and perhaps, handled it better than any ballplayer accused of PEDs use before him. Doesn’t mean I let the guy off the hook, but I do respect his actions, his sincere apology, and his willingness to tell the truth when one of his best buddies won’t. That, in addition to his pitching, will always make Pettitte a favorite player of mine.

-Another player I always enjoyed watching, Jim Edmonds, is back with the Cards, which is where, I guess, he really belongs. He’s long been a villain to Cubs fans, but I still liked him in Cubbie blue. And, I’ll always stand by the fact that letting Jim walk after 2008 was a mistake. Hendry should have brought back Edmonds and not signed a disgruntled Milton Bradley.

-Former Cub, Aaron Miles (whew, that’s painful) signed a deal with the Dodgers. I’m not kidding, it’s legit. Corey Patterson, Miles…driving on LSD in a blizzard, I just don’t understand.


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