Albert Pujols Poll


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3 responses to “Albert Pujols Poll

  1. kinkykelleykicksthekurse

    We need more risk taking! Gotta spend money to make money, no pain no gain – those kinds of things…

  2. Right, got it.
    I agree with your thinking.
    But taking a shot on Pujols is a huge, huge risk.
    He’s the best player in the game now, but for how much longer?
    If I’m Hendry…I make every effort to sign Albert.
    If Hendry doesn’t, well, there’s a part of me that’s okay with this decision, too.
    Either way, the chase for Pujols will be fun:)

  3. kinkykelleykicksthekurse

    Fun… I agree….
    Maybe he can be the one who runs around impregnanting multiple models and gets the hype going for the CUBS! lol He’s hott!

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