Cub Valentine’s

Happy V-Day, everybody! XOXO!

Here are the best Valentine’s Day names from the Cubs all-time roster.

-Vicente Amor: went (0-1) for the Cubs in 1955.

-Abraham Lincoln Baily: aka Sweetbread Bailey. Pitched three years in Chicago (4-7) from 1919-21.

Cupid Childs: wrapped up a 13-year career playing his final two seasons with the Cubs in 1900-01. TheΒ  second baseman was a career .306 batter.

Angel Guzman: Dude needs a guardian angle. And will he ever bounce back?

-Kevin Hart: More like Heart-break after the poor sap was traded to Pittsburgh in 2009.

-Les Sweetland: Pitched the 1931 season for Chicago going (8-7).

-Vito Valentinetti: Went (6-4) over two season with the Cubs, 1956-57.


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