Wainwright, Wilbon & Wivalries

1.) What does the loss of Cards’ Wainwright mean for the Cubs?
2.) Cubs vs. Cards ranks where in sports Top 100 rivalries?
3.) Where exactly is Catalina Island?
4.) Michael Wilbon on why Cubs should pursue Pujols.

1.) The early indications of Wainwright’s injury is ligament damage which could result in season-ending surgery.

If, in fact, this is the case, the Cardinals’ rotation would presumably be Chris Carpenter, Kyle Loshe, Jamie Garcia, Jake Westbrook and Wainwright’s replacement. But there’s no filling the void of a 29-year old stud this late in the offseason. Terrible news for St. Louis, great news for Cubs fans.

In turn, it means the Cubs, and every other team in the NL Central, has a greater chance of winning the division without Wainwright in the Cards’ rotation.

Although the Cubs are sure to have one of its own regulars go down due to injury, nothing compares to losing a Cy Young-caliber player like Wainwright. So if the preliminary reports hold true, that Wainwright is indeed done for the season, that’s a huge break for Chicago. No question.

2.) The Cubs vs. Cardinals rivalry ranks 18th all-time according to Adam Lazarus of Bleacher Report who ranked the Top 100 Rivalries in Sports History. (Bears vs. Packers ranked No. 5) Here’s Adam’s take:

  • Span: 1885-present
  • Greatest Showdown: Cubs 8, Cardinals 7, Sept. 3, 2003

“Obviously, the Cubs-Cardinals is one of the most important rivalries in all of sports—no one is saying otherwise. But because there hasn’t been a single postseason contest between the two and they only have a few one-two finishes in their 100-plus years of battling, we can’t declare it one of the top three baseball rivalries of all time. How often has the pennant hinged on a late-season Cubs-Cardinals showdown? Not very often.”

“But in early September 2003, St. Louis held a one-game lead over the Cubs in the NL Central race, when the Cardinals went to Wrigley for an incredible five-game set. Chicago took four of five to leap over the Cardinals and eventually claim their first division title in nearly two decades.”

3.) Had no idea there was a Chicago Cubs museum exhibit on Catalina Island, located just off the coast of southern California. The exhibit is called ‘The Boys in Blue,’ and runs through April 30.

Former Cubs owner William Wrigley, Jr bought the island 1919 and invested millions of dollars to turn the rocky island into a tourist attraction.

Unbeknown to me, the Cubs apparently held spring training on the island from 1921-51 before relocating to its current spring home in Mesa, Arizona. Sounds very cool, but no, a visit isn’t in the plans this spring!

4.) Love Michael Wilbon. Couldn’t agree more with his take on why the Cubs should make every effort to land Albert Pujols following this season.


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  1. kinkykelleykicksthekurse

    #3 BB I think we should create a yearly field trip!!
    #1-#4 Thank you so much for the updates…Muah!!

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