Cubs Polls & Miserable Sports Cities

1.) The results of my last two Cubs polls.
2.) Is Mark Buehrle St. Louis bound?
3.) Most miserable sports cities.

1.) Each Friday, as many have noticed, I toss-up a Cubs poll question. Two weeks ago I asked ‘who’s the best 1B in baseball?’ The results show Pujols is the clear winner, as expected, but Ryan Howard, Paul Konerko & Prince Fielder received no votes. Of course, I voted Pujols, but where are my Beer Maker readers! Poll results:

44% – Pujols
24% – Teixeira
20% – Votto
08% – Gonzalez
04% – Cabrera
00% – Howard, Konerko & Fielder

This past Friday’s poll asked you to letter-grade Jim Hendry’s offseason. I voted A, outstanding. But the popular vote was a C–could have been better. Really? What more could Hendry have done to improve his club? What else should have been done or could have been done to make the Cubs better in 2011? Poll results:

35% – C: Could have been better
28% – B: Good
21% – A: Outstanding
07% – D: Sub Par
07% – F: He should be fired

2.) Adam Wainwright’s season-ending arm injury has already put the Cardinals’ season in jeopardy. Then there’s the Pujols situation. Now word has leaked that Chris Carpenter is open to waiving his no-trade rights if the right opportunity to move presents itself in the coming months–more trouble for St. Louis.

Meanwhile, Buehrle, who was raised just outside the Gateway in St. Charles, is in the final year of his 4-yr, $56M dollar deal he signed in 2008. The Cards trading for the Sox’s left-hander is one way to salvage the season, and perhaps, lure Carpenter to stay through 2011. Although, such a trade would come at a steep price for St. Louis.

Still, I can’t figure out why the White Sox wouldn’t want to resign Buehrle. At 31-years-old, he’s still one of the most durable starters in all of baseball–10 straight seasons of 200+ innings per year. And although he may no longer be an ace, Buehrle is the glue to the Sox’s rotation. Isn’t this a no-brainer, Sox fans?

3.) Seattle and Atlanta are the most miserable sports cities according to Tom Van Riper’s article at Here are a few tidbits:

We scored each city on the number of times one of its teams has lost in the postseason, adjusting the misery points to give the most weight to losing in the final round (World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Final, Stanley Cup Final) and doling out progressively fewer points for losing earlier playoff rounds. We also factored in the number of years since each city’s last title.

Sports lore is filled with tales of the near-miss: the Brooklyn Dodgers reaching the World Series six times between 1947 and 1956 only to lose to the Yankees in five of them; the Buffalo Bills losing four straight Super Bowls in the ’90s; the New York Rangers and Atlanta Braves coming close countless times before falling short of a championship.

We’re not defining sports misery as sheer futility. The Chicago Cubs going over a century without a championship.

Rounding out the top five on the sports misery list: Phoenix, where the 2001 Diamondbacks took the city’s only championship in 92 cumulative seasons; Buffalo, where the NFL Bills lost four straight Super Bowls in the 1990s and the NHL Sabres are still looking for their first Stanley Cup; and San Diego, home to teams that have lost six of seven championship round matchups over the years, the Chargers American Football League crown in 1963 standing as the city’s only championship.


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