Silva, Quade & Marty

1.) Right now, Silva is to blame for his poor outing–not Aramis.
2.) The more I learn about Quade the more I like him.
3.) Marty, Marty, Marty…the guy loves hating our Cubs.

1.) This winter Carlos Silva called his audition for the Cubs’ fourth or fifth rotation spot ‘ridiculous.’ Perhaps, but what’s more ridiculous is Silva’s dugout behavior following a tough first inning Wednesday afternoon.

There’s a professional way to call-out teammates. Barking at them between innings isn’t the best method. Not to mention, Silva is stepping on the toes of one, Carlos Zambrano, who’s managed a career of crafting such a role.

Meanwhile, what Silva fails to realize is that three of his own fingers are pointing right back at him while he singles out his own infielders. Since when did allowing two HRs and a walk permit you the right to chewout your defense?

Sometimes, a kick-in-the-pants is what’s needed to motivate a teammate. But Silva should kick his own butt following a poor outing before he lays wood to the guys he’s relying on around him. And as far as Silva being a lock for the rotation–hardly.

2.) The more I watch and listen to Mike Quade, the more I like him as the Cubs manager. Quade was never my first choice following Piniella’s departure, I was a Ryno guy. But Quade earned my attention last September. Now, I’m all ears and eyes as he molds the Cubs of 2011.

Quade has quickly established himself as a fair leader, been bluntly honest with the media and holds players accountable for their productivity. His guys love playing for him. All of which should all go a long way towards the Cubs success come April 1.

3.) Mr. Brennaman has again called the Cubs’ chances of winning the division into question. Obviously, there’s no love lost between Cub Nation and the Reds’ HOF broadcaster, but it’s hard to argue with Marty’s assessment of the Cubs:

-“I mean, I think the Cubs have a chance to be improved. I don’t think they’re good enough to win the division,” Brennaman said Wednesday from Arizona. “I think their defense is very suspect. They have a kid (Carlos Pena) at first base who is basically an all-or-nothing guy. He either hits the ball out of the ballpark or he makes an out. So I think to say that the Cubs are a quote, contender … I think that’s a stretch.

-“They could fool everybody and have two or three guys have career years, and here you are come September and they are in the thick of it. But I don’t think on paper that they are a team that can play or can be reckoned with in the same way as the Reds and the Brewers.”


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