Cubs HRs, NCAA Picks & St. Patty’s Day

1.) When’s the last time that happened?
2.) My NCAA Bracket.
3.) Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

1.) Any idea who hit the last inside-the-park home run for the Cubs? What about the last pinch-hit grand slam for Chicago? Below are the answers to these questions and many more in Chicago Cubs home run history!

Game-ending Walk-off HR: Aramis, 5.17.10 vs. Colorado
Pinch HR: Aramis, 8.4.10 vs. Milwaukee
Grand Slam: Aramis, 10.2.10 vs. Houston
Three-homer game: Aramis, 7.20.10 vs. Houston
*A small example of why I call Aramis “Mr. MVP.”

Game-opening HR: Tyler Colvin, 7.24.10 vs. St. Louis
Pinch-hit Grand Slam: Mike Fontenot, 5.7.10 vs. Cincinnati
Inside-the-park HR: Geovany Soto, 5.19.08 vs. Houston
Pitcher to homer: Big Z, 8.30.10 vs. Pittsburgh
HR in first MLB at-bat: Starlin castro, 5.7.10 vs. Cincinnati

2.) I’ve never been one to gamble. Nothing against it, just doesn’t excite me. So each March I fill out one NCAA bracket with the goal of reaching 40 correct picks. I’ve hit 40 or more wins six times in the last 10 years. Not bad, eh?

So here are my Final Four picks sure to go wrong for 2011. Ohio State, Duke, Kansas & Florida. Boring, for sure. But if the No.1’s stay hot, I should reach the 40-mark.

That alone would be a big improvement from last year’s bracket—my worst selections to date—with just 33 correct picks, including a big Oh-fer in the Final Four.

3.) No, I will not be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day like the Mad Hatter wearing a green jump suite. Those days are behind me (I, think?). Instead, they’re much better things to enjoy than green beer and crazed Chicagoans.

The NCAA tourny coverage tips off at noon, the Cubs face Oakland at 3pm and the Blackhawks’ march towards the playoffs continues at Dallas this evening. No time for green beer…well, maybe one won’t hurt.


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