Did Cubs Goof Silva’s Release?

1.) Were the Cubs unprofessional in releasing Silva?
2.) Larkin & Griffey turning heads in Florida.
3.) Joe Posnanski Award.

1.) David Brown of Yahoo! sports contends the Cubs erred in the way they informed Carlos Silva that he would not make the big league roster.

-“why didn’t Hendry and Quade be the ones to break the news to Silva? Why did the Cubs use a pitching coach (Mark Riggins) to tell him he was gone?”

I respectfully disagree with Brown and have no problem with Riggins delivering the news to Silva. Silva, after all, is a pitcher, and Riggins is the pitching coach. And as a coach, Riggins is an authority figure, Silva just a player. Players need to respect all coaches, not just the manager. Blaming the messenger is yet another poor excuse in a long line of them this spring for Carlos.

What’s truly disturbing is the way Silva handled the news–lashing back at the team and whining to the media. Silva, not the Cubs, is the one who’s acted poorly and unprofessionally. The guy who wants to be treated like a man isn’t acting as one himself. Go figure.

Although I’ve been in Silva’s corner all spring, pulling for him to make the roster, thinking all he needed was a fresh start, I’ve changed tunes. Instead, the more I’ve read and learned about Silva’s poor attitude, the more I believe the Cubs made the right decision cutting him.

2.) The offsprings of Barry Larkin & Ken Griffey Jr. are turning heads in Florida, but not on the diamond. Taryn Griffey & Shane Larkin are tearing up the high school basketball courts.

Griffey, a freshman point guard, led the Dr. Phillips High’s basketball team to the Florida state title. Larkin, a senior point guard and DePaul bound, has shined for the boy’s squad.

For these two students it’s not all that surprising they’re thriving under the watchful eye of two potential Hall of Fame fathers. But that comes with some pressure, as well. I wish them both the best of luck, in athletics and beyond.

3.)The Baseball Bloggers Alliance today named writer Joe Posnanski the winner of the inaugural Writer of the Year Award, honoring the top internet writer.  Posnanski, who writes for the print version of Sports Illustrated as well as maintaining his own blog and Twitter account, was the overwhelming selection from the BBA membership.

As an active member of the BBA, I voted 1. Buster Olney 2. Posnanski 3. Peter Gammons.

The Writer of the Year Award was created by the BBA to honor those writers who, beyond being exceptionally great at their craft, have taken to the internet in a full and vigorous fashion.  Voters were instructed to take into account not only the writing abilities of the nominees but also their online presense, whether via blog or other media, as well as how they interact with their followers and fans.

Voters were allowed to vote for three of the fifteen nominees, casting a first, second and third place ballot.  Those ballots were tabulated based on a 5-3-1 point scale.

Posnanski received 218 points, including 35 first place votes from the 110 ballots cast.  Rob Neyer, formerly of ESPN and now at SB Nation, was second with twelve first place selections and 136 points overall.  Rounding out the top three was former Boston Globe writer Peter Gammons, now working at MLB Network and MLB.com, with 134 total points and 20 first place votes.  ESPN writer Buster Olney and Hardball Talk blogger Craig Calcaterra were the only other nominees to tabulate ten percent of the total vote.

The official website for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance is baseballbloggersalliance.wordpress.com.  They may also be followed on Twitter with their account @baseballblogs and hashmark #BBBA.  The BBA also has an app at both the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.


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