Seriously, Cubs. Another Loss vs. Pittsburgh

Sobering wake-up call to the 2011 season. Losing on Opening Day is one thing. Losing to god-awful Pittsburgh is another.

Tell me this isn’t what we’re in for in 2011–more 2010 Cubs baseball going 5-10 against the league’s laughing-stock. It’s simply inexcusable.

I don’t mean to overreact to one loss, especially Opening Day, but these kind of losses–Kevin Correia besting Ryan Dempster–can’t happen.

St. Louis lost the division by 5-games to the Reds last year. In theory, had they won just one more game each month, they could have taken the NL Central.

I know there’s more to it than this simple-minded approach, but my point is every game matters, even in a 162-game schedule.

Of course I don’t expect the Cubs to win every game this year, but good teams beat bad teams like Pittsburgh. In fact, good teams dominate bad teams like Pittsburgh. So if you can’t beat Pitt, and their defacto ‘ace’ Correia, who will you beat?


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