Big Props For Big Z

Big props to Big Z for keeping his cool Saturday. Old Zambrano fumes after falling behind early. New Zambrano keeps his composer and keeps the Cubs in the game. It’s a solid first start, but the question remains…will Z stay the straight course?

Starlin Castro is the youngest current player in the majors (21 years, 10 days), but plays far beyond his years. His RBI double to RF in the eighth shows his maturity at the plate–going with the pitch instead of pulling the ball. This kid looks all kinds of special!

Nice outing from Kid ‘K”. One inning, two punchouts. No question Woody is back where he belongs.

Big first outing for Garza Sunday in the series’ rubber match. The big right-hander is sure to be jacked-up, but he must keep the butterflies to a minimum. You simply can’t open the season with a home series loss against Pittsburgh. Taking 2 of 3 will suffice.



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4 responses to “Big Props For Big Z

  1. Really looking forward to Matty G having a solid start. Unfortunately the Lakers are on at the same time.

  2. Well, that’s okay Mike. Garza is sure to have plenty more starts for the Cubs this year.
    And we can only hope you’re turning away from the Lakers’ season opener to watch Garza throw in October!

  3. Kurt

    A chance to see Garza or the rapist…and you choose the rapist…


  4. Okay, Kurt. Point taken. But let’s keep the comments civil, shall we!
    I’m not a Kobe fan, either. And remember, the Cubs have had their share of bad boys too!
    Good riddance Milton Bradley.

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