Getting To Know Wrigley Ch.2

Each Friday I will dedicate a post to learning more about our favorite ballpark, Wrigley Field.

“The real Cubs fans are on the West Side. Moving the team’s base to the North Side is a bad idea.”Charles Murphy, former Cubs president, criticizing the 1916 move to Clark & Addison from the West Side Grounds.

-Cubs owner, Charles Weeghman, had the idea to build a ballpark at Clark, Addison, Waveland & Sheffield in 1914.
-The park was built quickly–in seven weeks!
-It took 490 workers and four acres of bluegrass.
-The cost? $250,000.
-Seating capacity – 14,000.
-The field was deemed ready for baseball just four days before Opening Day.
-At the time, the Cubs were in the Federal League, and known as the Chi-Feds.
-After nine home runs were hit in the opening three-games series, the outfield wall was moved back 25 feet in left and nearly 50 feet in left center.
-The park was originally called Weeghman Park.


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