Which Cub Can Match Andre Ethier?

Which Cub do you think has the most likely chance to surpass Andre Ethier’s 29-game hitting streak (and counting) this year?

My guess is Starlin Castro, whose 41 hits rank fifth in the NL. Yet, despite the hot start from the budding star, he’s followed up a record month of April (40 hits) with a 5-for-29 road trip, including one stretch of three consecutive hitless games.

Still, Castro’s aggressive approach (he’s walked just five times this year) makes him a likely candidate to put the ball in play enough times to conjure up a decent streak.

Then there’s Darwin Barney, MLB’s April Rookie of the Month, who has the potential to go streaking. After all, he’s hit safely in 20 of his 24 starts and, like Castro, has enough speed to leg-out a few infield hits.

To date, however, the longest hitting streak by a Cub this season is Marlon Byrd’s 9-game string from April 3-12…still a far cry from Ethier’s 29-game mark.

Ethier, by the way, has put together the second-longest hitting streak in Dodgers history trailing only Willie Davis’ 31-game march in 1969.

Andre’s 26-game stretch through April also established a new MLB record for the opening month having passed Joe Torre’s 22-game streak set in April of 1971.

And, it’s been more than just a hit here-&-there for Either…he’s gone 43-for-111, good for a .378 average during his current run.

As the old saying goes–all good things must come to an end–and Ethier’s streak is no exception. Now, the only question is when?

Chances are, it’s before any Cub comes close to matching Ethier’s awesome run.


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