Getting To Know Wrigley Ch.4

Each Friday I will dedicate a post to learning more about our favorite ballpark, Wrigley Field.

“With Wrigley Field, you get a very elegant and high-quality simplicity, which never got dated.”Tim Samuelson, Chicago Historical Society  

-William Veeck Sr. was originally a sportswriter.
-He wrote under the name “Bill Bailey” for the Chicago American.
-A series of articles on how to fix the Cubs gained the attention of William Wrigley, who then hired Veeck to help run the team in 1918.
-That year the Cubs made the World Series, which it lost to Boston.
-Veeck heavily promoted the idea for a Mid-Summer Classic.
-He also pushed for inter-league play, but to no avail, of course.
-Veeck was masterful at bucking traditional baseball operations.
-Such as hiring career minor leaguer, Joe McCarthy, to manage the club.
-McCarthy was instrumental in leading Chicago to the 1929 World Series. Of course, the Cubs lost again, only this time to Philadelphia.


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