Low Temps Bring Low Attendance

I walked past Wrigley this evening and thought: my gosh, what a beautiful night for baseball–67-degrees, light breeze, a deep red sunset over left field.

That thought, of course, is the first of its kind during this Chicago spring. A spring in which, mind you, a good day means temperatures above 40-degrees and scattered showers opposed to thunderstorms.

Granted, we didn’t suffer through the wrath of our neighbors to the south in Alabama and Mississippi, but in baseball terms, our Chicago spring has been nothing short of dreadful.

However, be it for just 24-hours, it truly felt like May weather today. The temperature reached 90-degrees by afternoon marking the earliest date the city has reached 90 in 31 years. I’d say we were due…like the Cubs with men on base…only Mother Nature actually delivers.

FINALLY, a day of sunshine in Chicagoland.
FINALLY, a day above freezing temperatures in May.
FINALLY, weather suitable for professional baseball.
FINALLY, a spring day enjoyed without a winter jacket.
FINALLY, I will go to Wrigley to watch a Cubs game!

I’ve done April baseball in Chicago plenty of times. Winter jacket, gloves, long underwear…ect. I’ve had my fun with it…now I’m done with it.

I have no doubt the Cubs’ attendance problems are closely tied with Chicago’s horrific April weather this spring. But let’s also not ignore that (15-19) record, either.

Meanwhile, the average game-time temperature at Wrigley this season has been well below 50-degrees.  Nearly half of the 18 home dates have seen temps dip to 43-degrees or lower.

Two games were rained out, and Easter Sunday’s 48-degree hardship against L.A. was frightening to see on television, let alone be at–empty seats everywhere.

But hey, I’m not blaming Cubs fans. The weather has been god-awful and the product on the field to match.

Make no mistake, the Cubs don’t have an attendance problem, they have a losing problem.

Build it Tom Ricketts, and they will come…even to the freezers  in April.

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