Samardzija’s Streak Over

Jeff Samardzija wasn’t himself Wednesday night, or was he?

It’s tough to tell given his tale of two stories this season: one as a pitcher who’s been plain awful, and the other as a pitcher who’s been plain brilliant.

So what exactly is Samardizija?

Is he the hot-mess from early April with an ERA of 7.50…or the pitcher who went 14-consecutive scoreless innings before allowing three runs to the Cardinals?

Right about the time I blasted Samardzija, saying he’d be off the Cubs’ roster by June, the kid turns un-hittable lowering his ERA to 2.33 entering Wednesday’s game.

Obviously, I can’t figure the guy out, but I’m thrilled with his short-term success, nonetheless.

A solid bullpen is critical to the Cubs’ chances at the division, especially for a team that lacks offensive run production.

If the ‘good’ Samardzija keeps showing up, and we all hope he does, the Cubs’ bullpen remains a saving grace.

Otherwise, the Cubs will certainly suffer in the standing…and determining Samardzija’s trade value will be one of many issues Jim Hendry must sort through come late July.


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