Getting To Know Wrigley Ch.5

Each Friday I will dedicate a post to learning more about our favorite ballpark, Wrigley Field.

“Children have sat at the knees of their grandfather and listened to him tell of the time the Cubs were in the World Series. And they have marked it off to just another fantasy by the old gaffer, like the depth of the snow fall in the year of the great blizzard.”Jack Griffin, Chicago Sun-Times

-In 1918 the Cubs stormed its way to the NL pennant.
-But little ‘ol Wrigley couldn’t accommodate the growing fan base.
-Thus, it became evident Wrigley Field needed to expand.
-William Wrigley came up with an unthinkable plan…
-He moved the Cubs home WS games to a larger Comiskey Park!
-By 1922 renovations on Wrigley Field were underway.
-This included moving the entire field of play 60 feet southwest.
-Later, in 1923 bleacher seats were added behind the outfield wall.
-The additions increased Wrigley Field’s capacity to 20,000 seats.


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