Cubs Could Use A Bautista

I simply marvel at Jose Bautista.

He’s homered 13 times in his last 21 games and leads MLB with 15 HR.

His 35 intentional walks also ranks first in the bigs, and he’s reached base safely in 31 of 32 games this season.

Man, the Cubs use a bat like that!

Meanwhile, just look at where this guy’s come from:

Jun  5, 2000: Drafted by the Pittsburgh in the 20th round.
Dec 15, 2003: Drafted by the Baltimore from Pittsburgh in the rule 5 draft.
Jun  3, 2004: Selected off waivers by Tampa Bay from Baltimore.
Jun 28, 2004: Purchased by Kansas City from Tampa Bay.
Jul 30, 2004: Traded by Kansas City to the Mets for Justin Huber.
Jul 30, 2004: Traded by Mets to Pitt. for Kris Benson and Jeff Keppinger.
Aug 21, 2008: Traded by Pittsburgh to Toronto for a player to be named later.

On his way to being a career journeyman, over-looked, and with untapped potential, all Bautista needed was the slightest tweak to his plate approach.

He found that in Toronto and BANG! A 54 HR season in 2010.

Bautista shows no signs of slowing down–as noted by his three-homer game at Minnesota on Sunday.

But it’s not just the home runs that have me in awe with Bautista. The man’s become more than just a power bat…he’s become a complete hitter.

Take a look at his slash line for 2011: .368/.520/.868 and 19 strikeouts in 150 plate appearances. Awesome!

That, my friends, reminds me much of Big Pappi, the man who struggled with Minnesota before finding a permanent home in Boston.

The Red Sox found, and fixed, a hole in Ortiz’s swing and out popped a mighty power bat and one of the best clutch hitters the game has ever seen.

Kind of makes me wonder if the same couldn’t be done for Carlos Pena? Big power, big hole in his swing…big uncorked potential?


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