What’s The Plan, Cubs?

I’m confused and disappointed with the Cubs decision to demote Tyler Colvin to Triple-A Iowa.

If the Cubs intentions are to win now, or build towards the future, Tyler Colvin should be a part of the process at the big league level either way.

What good does it do putting this kid back in the minors? He showed everyone last year he’s a capable major leaguer.

Colvin is just as capable, if not more so, than Soriano, Byrd or Fukudome in the outfield in both run production and fielding. And Lord knows this team could use a dependable fielding mit.

I’m also greatly disappointed with Mike Quade’s refusal to put Colvin into the everyday lineup?

I hailed the skipper this winter after he declared Ryan Dempster the Opening Day starter. A move, in particular, which signaled a change of thought that only the players producing best, and not just those with huge contracts, would receive the bulk of playing time.

But how can I explain Colvin riding the pine with a team that doesn’t hit with RISP, fields poorly and sits six games under .500 before June 1st?

Seriously, what’s the plan here Chicago? And whatever that might be, demoting Colvin isn’t the answer I was looking for.


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