Aramis Can Still Carry Cubs

Aramis Ramirez had one his best at-bats of the season Saturday night–albeit an eighth inning walk to load the bases.

His 11 pitch battle against Matt Albers helped turn a close game into a rout. And Ramirez looked a lot like his old self again: a focused hitter thriving under the greatest pressure.

I’ve said many times Aramis was my MVP pick for the Cubs’ division winning teams in 2007-08. He came up big time-and-time again, in all sorts of situations, but especially the clutch.

I saw ‘that’ Ramirez again Sat. night. And should the old Aramis stick around to be the club’s MVP in 2011, Chicago will keep its slim chance at the division.

However, it’s going to be one heavy load for the ageing star. We know this club is nowhere near as talented as the winners from just a few seasons ago.

But if any one player can shoulder it, thrive with it, and keep this team relevant, even for a few more months, it’s No.16.



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3 responses to “Aramis Can Still Carry Cubs

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  2. CubbyPride

    He’s gong to have to carry the Cubs now that the curse is starting to take its toll in the form of injuries:

  3. You’re spot on about injuries.
    Marlon’s out with a fractured face. Baker pulled up lame with a sore groin Sunday, and Garza missed his start due to a sore elbow.
    But what hurts worse are the team’s self inflicted errors.
    The defense has been dreadful, which of course is no cure for not hitting with RISP.
    It all adds up to Chicago teetering on a season that could turn really ugly before June. Look out!

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