Sunday Night Baseball Ruined

MLB and ESPN have together ruined Sunday Night Baseball.

I’ve totally gone numb after years of being force fed Red Sox vs. Yankees, most of which came with a side order of Joe Morgan.

I’ve seen Boston and New York battle so much in prime time that I know their clubs as well as the Cubs, even without caring to do so.

I have an idea what Sunday Night Baseball could be–what it should be–and it’s not Red Sox vs. Yankees at every given chance.

Instead, it’s a broadcast that should be reserved for games like Sunday’s match-up between Chicago and Boston. Games with great story lines, great history, and great fan appeal nation wide.

But that excitement was lost Sunday evening. It didn’t translate because, well, because it’s just another ho-hum broadcast of Red Sox baseball from Fenway Park. We saw that last week, remember?

However, ask Baseball and the Mothership and they’ll tell us we love Red Sox vs. Yankees according to the television ratings.

Seriously? We’re talking great ratings from two of the leagues largest markets, NY being No.1?

I say, big deal. How hard is that?

But what isn’t said is how the league’s insistence to showcase its two featured teams reveals a great flaw in baseball’s league wide competitive imbalance.

It reminds us that if you’re not the Yankees or the Red Sox you don’t matter, even if you’re a team deserving of the main stage.

Heck, if it were up to MLB, even the Green Bay Packers wouldn’t get a shot on Sunday night.



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2 responses to “Sunday Night Baseball Ruined

  1. I knew I wasn’t the only one:)
    R.I.P. Sunday Night Baseball.

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