Rain No Excuse, But…

The Cubs and Mets had no business playing baseball Wednesday night.

Not with severe storms predicted to hit the area between 7-9pm.

MLB, however, wasn’t fazed by the weather reports. The league wanted this game played with New York making its only visit to Wrigley Field this season.

God-forbid we suffer through a Thursday day/night double-header under clear skies.

Of course, the rain came, and with it a howling wind off Lake Michigan and cool temperatures in the 40s, all of which are ideal conditions by Chicago’s standards this spring, but hardly suitable for big league baseball.

We know the players could not have been happy, and neither were the fans. I watched droves of Cubs fans heading for the “L” before the fourth inning…leaving the ballpark looking emptier than it was at first pitch.

Still, nothing beats the ridiculousness of Saturday May 14th. The Cubs and Giants playing through a rain-shortened contest under the worst playing conditions I’ve ever seen for an MLB game.

But with the game being broadcast on Fox Saturday Baseball, weather was again no issue for MLB—even with rain coming down in buckets. Had the field been submerged under water, MLB would have simply told the two clubs to start swimming.

Apparently, and under the worse case scenarios, asking an East Coast team to fly into Chicago for one day, and for a television network to reschedule a national broadcast, is too much to ask.

The reality, however, is that the asinine decision to play through such brutal conditions has cost the Cubs two losses. Granted, the Giants and Mets were playing on the same sloppy field, but the Cubs deserved its opportunity to play a full nine innings.

Seriously Baseball, is that asking all that much?



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2 responses to “Rain No Excuse, But…

  1. WrigleyRegular

    I was at the game last night. I left after the bottom of the sixth when the rain started coming down harder. It was a cold ugly night.

  2. That’s no way to enjoy a baseball game.
    And I’m sure your ticket price wasn’t reduced to a six-inning figure, either!
    You, me, and the rest of Cubs Nation pay premium prices to go to Wrigley.
    If Baseball wants to plow through February-like conditions and play, then at least give us, and the two clubs, our nine innings worth. Or, there’s this novel idea, too…how about saving the fans and players the trouble by rescheduling the game for another day? It’s been known to work!

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