Wrigley Weather Report

The Cubs have faced an absolutely brutal home schedule this season weather wise.

The average temp for games this year at Wrigley top out in the upper 40s. Three games have already been PPD and two others shortened due to severe weather, and conditions look to improve only slightly over the weekend.

Bad weather is a lame excuse for the Cubs’ (11-14) home record, but playing games in February-like conditions doesn’t help, not in the standing or at the gate.

If wins and losses can’t be attributed to sour weather, attendance certainly can be.

Who, after all, wants to pay premium dollars to freeze their face off watching the Cubs commit more errors than runs scored? Not me.

Not to be confused as a meteorologist, I went to the ChicagoWeather Center’s page to gather further details about our city’s winter in May phenomenon. 

Below is a quick blurb from weathermen Richard Koeneman and Paul Daily.

*PS…you’re not going crazy Chicagoans, the May weather isn’t what it’s suppose to be. But read on at your own risk!

Chicago’s temperature peaked at 49 degrees on Thursday, 25 degrees below the normal high of 74 and only the fourth time since 1871 that the city’s high temperature failed to climb out of the 40s on May 26.

Thus we tied the record lowest (coldest) high temperature on May 26th of 48 degree set back in 1961. Records date back to 1871.

But a stunning weather reversal that is so typical of Chicago’s springtime climate begins today. Much warmer air is headed to the city and, within four days, it promises to send area temperatures into the lower 90s on Monday (Memorial Day). That’s a remarkable rise of 43 degrees from Thursday’s 49 degrees to an expected 92 degrees on Monday.


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