Marmol Blows Save, So What

No doubt Tuesday evening was Carlos Marmol’s worst-ever as a closer.

Protecting a two-run lead in the ninth, Marmol (1-2) surrendered six earned runs, issued a walk and recorded just one out while allowing Houston a 7-3 come-from-behind victory.

When you think about it, however, it’s a rather remarkable inning given just how dominating Carlos has been since taking over the closer’s role from Kevin Gregg in late in 2009.

But bad outings and blown saves happen. It’s part of the game. Sometimes you’re on the right side, and sometimes, like Tuesday, you’re not.

Thus far, however, Marmol’s meltdown has been a blip in an otherwise terrific season.

Entering Tuesday’s game, Marmol posted an 0.43 ERA over his last 20 outings having allowed one earned run in his last 21 innings pitched, including 27 strikeouts and a .141 average against.

His 10 saves account for nearly half of the team’s 23 wins, and to date, this was just his third blown save of the season.

Carlos Marmol, of course, is not the problem on this Cubs team headed nowhere. It just took his worst-outing ever to register on the Cubs’ scale of things gone wrong.

What I’d give to have Marmol’s blown save mean more than just another loss for the struggling Cubs.



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4 responses to “Marmol Blows Save, So What

  1. James

    Marmol is just a symptom of the real problem the Cubs face – the Curse:

    I don’t know how they are going to get that monkey off their back!

  2. larry kiolbasa

    Quade should have been fired right after the game that Justin Berg walked three men on twelve pitches. after the 5th or 6th, Quade should have visited the mound and told Berg that the next pitch is a strike, or you pack for Iowa.
    Marmol has been very good, but historically he either has it, or he doesn’t. Why did Quade leave him in, then pull him when the horses already escaped? Fire Quade, don’t blame excessive DL’s for bad management.

  3. Yep, it’s a big monkey too.
    But what better time than now to break up the roster, hit the ‘redo button and start over?
    Cubs just got swept…handily…at home…by the worst club in the NL.
    Seriously, there’s no silver lining in that.
    For many reasons, the Cubs suck collectively as a group of ballplayers.
    2011 is finished. Let’s start over now for 2012 and beyond, eh?

  4. Well, as usual…and as we all sometimes do…it’s easy to blame the manager.
    Problem is, Quade’s not the one who’s oh-for-the-century with RISP, or coughing up routine ground balls, or getting picked off first base, or over-throwing the cutoff man, or ect, ect.
    Yes, Q is the man responsible for such bone-headed plays, but firing Quade means nothing unless Ricketts makes the decision to blow up the current roster, including designating Jim Hendry for assignment.
    Otherwise, firing Quade makes little sense both financially and on the field.
    All that said, couldn’t agree with you more on Quade’s should-have-been pep talk to Berg. Very funny!

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