Silver Lining In Cincinnati


Although the Cubs can’t seem to win at Great American Ballpark, it’s not all bad news coming from the Queen City.

JB is a childhood friend of mine. We played Little Baseball together and ran amuck getting in all sorts of boyish trouble together.

But it wasn’t until recently JB caught baseball fever, thanks to his soon to be fiancée.

Here’s the rest of the story taken from an email sent to me from JB…

-I wanted to tell you that I got engaged, but more particularly how I got engaged!

You will really like this one, she is a huge Reds fan (and an even bigger Dodgers fan). Anyway, I knew that her dream proposal was to be at a ball game and on the big screen. 

I still can’t believe this as she is not a very public person. Needless to say, I would not have done that anyway–not romantic enough for me. 

So, I contact Great American Ballpark and was lucky enough to get a reply. I was able to arrange a private tour of the ball park, and the plan was for us to be left alone in the Reds dugout, but as it was under construction we had to settle for the visitor’s dugout.

And it’s there in the dugout I got the chance to propose. However, all she seems to remember…and this is a quote: ‘How many people get to make-out in the dugout at GAB!’

The tour we received from the Reds’ staff was wonderful. We got to see things behind the scenes that I had never seen before and learned plenty of other stuff along the way too. According to her, this was better than what her dream proposal was.

Good man, that JB. And best of luck to you two lovebirds:)


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