Does Cubs Win Save Quade, Hendry?

At this point it’s hard to call a Cubs’ victory a Big-Win, especially when it snaps an eight-game losing streak.

But Wednesday’s 4-1 win against Cincinnati was just that–at least for Mike Quade and Jim Hendry.

Another loss would have likely set the Cubs on course for an (0-10) road trip given they’re up against Halladay, Lee & Oswalt in Philadelphia this weekend.

So getting this one win is huge, comparatively speaking, to a trip that very well could have turned into a winless nightmare for the manager, GM and ownership.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a pathetic trip, assuming Chicago doesn’t sweep the Phillies (laugh!)…but one win vs. no wins is a victory for Quade, Hendry & Ricketts.

Somehow, I presume, the pressure to rid the franchise of either its manager or GM will subdue slightly having won at least one game during this stretch.

That’s the power of winning, a drug so potent that winning just one game can make all the difference from earning a championship in a Game 7, or as is the case today, saving someone’s job.

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