Sean Marshall An All Star

It’s a shame if Sean Marshall doesn’t make the NL All Star team.

But snubbing the 28-year-old is a real possibility given no one outside Chicago is paying much attention to the bumbling Cubs.

Marshall, (3-0) with a dazzling 0.95 ERA, has been sensational setting up Carlos Marmol, as was the case Thursday night when Marshall got the win after posting a season high 2.0 innings pitched and improving his scoreless innings streak on the road to 20.0.

Heading into the season with a clearly defined role has seemingly made all the difference for Sean after bouncing between the rotation and bullpen since 2006.

His performance in 2010–(7-5), 2.65 ERA and 22 holds–improved his career relief ERA to 2.89…far better than his 4.86 ERA as a starter. And Marshall appears to have even more upside this season.  

The crafty left-hander, being used mostly in situations with the game on the line, has used a good fastball and devastating curveball to keep hitters off balance.

At last, Marshall has found his niche, and I’m saying it’s All Star worthy.


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