Cubs Best Not Good Enough

“Telling someone, or yourself, to just “do your best” is believed to be a great motivator. It isn’t. Theoretically, it encourages without putting on too much pressure. In reality, and rather ironically, it is more-or-less permission to be mediocre.”Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson

I’ve had it with hearing the Cubs played a good game following a loss.

I hear it from the players. I hear it from the broadcasters. I hear it enough to make me puke.

Is that what this season, this team, this organization has come to?

Since when did playing competitive games become worthy of a pat on the back, especially for a team with the major’s third-highest payroll?

How is playing well defined for a team (7-14) in the month of June, 10.0 games back in the division and seven games behind Pittsburgh?

The Cubs haven’t played well enough all season. The standings prove it. Zambrano says as much and is scolded for it.

Mike Quade finally piped up Wednesday night: “There’s some things to like, but the final score is not one of them. We got to start finding ways. We’re playing better, but we’re not playing good enough.”

Enough with the sugar-coating and back-slapping ‘good jobs’. Give us a roster that wins. We’ll believe it when we see it.


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