Davis, Lopez & Grabow

The broken soundtrack of the Cubs’ 2011 season continues–one step forward, two steps back.

Chicago is 16-games below .500, eight games behind third place Pittsburgh and a mere four games ahead of Houston for the NL’s worst record.

What more does Jim Hendry need to see?

There are virtually zero positives from Tuesday’s demoralizing twin bill sweep at the hands of San Fran.

Chicago was totally dominated. The Giants scored 19 runs on 30 hits. Wasn’t even close. Wasn’t even competitive.

To let this team play out the string any further is ridiculous. What possible reason does Hendry have not to start dealing some veterans?

It’s a shame if Doug Davis, Rodrigo Lopez and John Grabow remain on the roster. In my opinion, all three punched their tickets to the waiver wire on Tuesday.

There’s no saving this season, obviously, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. The remaining 82 games should be used to showcase some younger minor league talent.

If that means starting their major league service clocks, so be it. Consider it the cost of doing business for 2012 and beyond.

Get these spring chickens some playing time, find out what they’re made of, and learn whether or not they’re cut out for the bigs.

The current 25-man roster already has 12 home grown players on it, so what’s a few more?

Seriously, at this point what do the Cubs have to lose?


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