Ryan Dempster Game Score 76

Ryan Dempster was simply outstanding in the Cubs 2-1 win vs. San Fran. Wednesday night.

The right-hander pounded the zone needing just 83 pitches, 59 for strikes, in eight-plus innings of work. Solid!

According to Game Score, a Bill James statistic cooked up 25 years ago that gauges the quality of a start from a pitcher’s stat line, Demps registered a 76.

To put that in perspective, less than 50 pitchers have scored 80 or more all season. And had it not been for a bloop single by Pat Burrell in the ninth, Dempster likely breaks the 80-mark.

Despite not earning a much deserved win (Marmol blew the save), scouts are certain to take notice of Dempster’s performance.

With Jim Hendry in prime position to begin dealing veterans, he’s sure to field offers for Dempster (5-6), 4.99 ERA.

But if I’m Hendry, Dempster stays a Chicago Cub. There’s so much more to Demps beyond the box score, beyond the Game Score, beyond the Cubs awful record.

The guy’s a true pro, win or lose, with leadership qualities that can’t be replaced during a July fire sale.

When Hendry undervalued the leadership of Mark DeRosa three years ago, dealing him to Cleveland, the Cubs’ locker room never recovered.

Losing Dempster would be even worse.


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