Feather In Quade’s Cap

The Cubs’ dramatic comeback Thursday night, down 8-love through five, put a feather in Mike Quade’s cap following a 10-9 victory at Washington.

Certainly, a comeback of this magnitude proves Quade’s not a deadbeat manager in the clubhouse–well, not yet.

But measuring staying power for a manager pulling the strings on a team 17-games below .500 is tricky when his players keep battling the good fight.

It would be easy for the Cubs to simply roll over. Q’s guys, however, continue to play hard…whether or not it’s for the skipper, who knows?

We could blame any number of issues on the Cubs’ miserable season: injuries, lack of talent, plain bad luck, or Quade’s inability to manage and instill fundamentally sound troops. Perhaps, it’s a little of all the above?

At the very least, Thursday’s win is worthy of a hat-tip to Quade, who despite the tough going continues to prepare his players to win.

But is a positive attitude alone worthy of saving Quade’s job beyond September? A 100-loss season would say no, but that’s yet to be determined.

If, however, Quade’s rah-rah energy does buy him another year, maybe he weathers the storm to see winning days ahead? Then imagine how hard his guys would play for him.


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