Dempster & Quade Hug It Out?

Was Quade’s quick hook of Dempster stemming from all the pitching injuries the Cubs have suffered this year?

Or was Quade simply looking out for Demps given he just missed a scheduled start due to illness and lower back soreness?

I can’t ever remember seeing such an animated outburst from Dempster. But it’s not surprising given the team’s record of 17-games below .500.

That’s a recipe for boiling frustrations and quick tempers–regardless of pitch counts.

Dempster was on damage control after the game, as was Quade. But a yelling match with the team’s leader, and most vocal supporter of the manager, must be as unsettling for Quade as it is the Cubs clubhouse.

Losing key players to the DL is one thing, and for the most part, out of Quade’s control. But losing the respect of Dempster is another, and dangerous for a skipper on the hot seat.

The only thing Quade has going for himself is the support if his players: his guys willing to play hard despite the losing outcomes, which they’ve done to this point.

If this incident lingers, however, Dempster’s unhappiness will set a negative and disastrous tone heading into the All Star break.

And if that’s the case, we haven’t seen the worst of this season yet.


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