Kevin Gregg vs. Big Papi

David Ortiz vs. Kevin Gregg was far from a title bout on the field. But pit these two against each other in the ring and it’s a legit heavy weight match-up in the making.

Gregg is a strapping 6’6 230lbs, Big Papi 6’3 and a generous 230lbs.

No punches were landed during the batter vs. pitcher confrontation a week ago, but I suspect they could last tow-to-toe for several rounds in the ring anyway.

That got me thinking, in all fun of course, what would be a good feather weight bout?

How about Tony Campana vs. Mike Fontenot, each listed at 5’8, 165lbs, in a speed vs. speed battle?

Gregg, meanwhile, has made a good go of it since departing the Cubs–(5-6) 23 saves– following the 2009 season. He saved (37) games for Toronto in 2010 and has (15) with Baltimore at the break this season.

-Papi finished the first half at .304, 19 HR & 55 RBI.
-Fontenot is batting .227, 2 HR & 9 RBI with the Giants.
-Campana is hitting .263, 2 RBI & 10 stolen bases.



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3 responses to “Kevin Gregg vs. Big Papi

  1. Hah. I kind of want to see team managers go against each other for a change. Wouldn’t it have been sooooo much more fun to watch Terry Francona versus Buck Showalter?

  2. Oh, for sure! Good call.
    And how about Lou Piniella vs. ‘Trader Jack’ McKeon? A true battle of the bulge!
    Or Bobby Cox vs. Jim Leyland!
    The list goes on…

  3. I’m not ecltxay invested in the Cubs at this point, but I haven’t given up hope entirely yet. They do have promise, and I think it will just take one or two things to click for things to start looking up.As far as Ramirez and Lee…they pretty much always get off to a slow start. Lee’s 2009 April wasn’t so good, and then he lit it up. These are two guys with above average batting averages. And with Jaramillo getting everyone else’s batting to be much improved, I’m not going to sweat it about them–they’ll come around.

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