All Star Game & Starlin Castro

Starlin Castro pinch runs in the fifth for Tulo.
He steals second, then advances to third on a pitch in the dirt.
Is thrown out at home on a nice play by Angels closer Jordan Walden.
Final line: 0-1, strikeout, two stolen bases.

-Castro brought his mother, father and two brothers with him to the game. Courtesy, Bruce Levine


Terrible television: former Cub great Mark Grace interviewing Justin Timberlake during the fourth inning.

Interesting television: David Ortiz’s son doing his batting impersonations of Jose Bautista, Kevin Youkilis…and of course, Big Papi!

-Big fan of baseball returning to players wearing their current uniforms during the All Star game. The digs of recent All Star games should remain in the past.

-Prince Fielder is the first Brewer to homer in an All Star game–a three-run shot against the Rangers C.J. Wilson in the fourth inning.


Only two franchise have yet to host the Mid Summer Classic: Tampa Bay & Florida


As a National League guy, I was pained by years of losing the All Star game. Finally, two in a row…but a long ways away from the American League’s recent domination.

National League Wins
1994 – Pittsburgh, NL 8-7
1995 – Texas, NL 3-2
1996 – Philadelphia, NL 6-0

American League Wins
1997 – Cleveland, AL 3-1
1998 – Colorado, AL 13-8
1999 – Boston, AL 4-1
2000 – Atlanta, AL 6-3
2001 – Seattle, AL 4-1
2002 – Milwaukee, Tie 7-7 (11 inn.)
2003 – Chicago (AL), AL 7-6 *This one counts
2004 – Houston, AL 9-4
2005 – Detroit, AL 7-5
2006 – Pittsburgh, AL 3-2
2007 – San Fran, AL 5-4
2008 – New York (AL), AL 4-3 (15 inn.)
2009 – St. Louis, AL 4-3

National League Wins
2010 – Anaheim, NL 3-1
2011 – Arizona, NL 5-1


Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan
“One of these years, the players in Major League Baseball are going to look at the dumbest rule in the sport – the All-Star game determining home-field advantage in the World Series – and ask themselves how they tolerated something so backward, so inane and so downright wrong for as long as they did.”



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2 responses to “All Star Game & Starlin Castro

  1. WrigleyRegular

    I agree with the uniform comment. It was nice to see them instead of the ‘ready for sale’ generic jerseys.

    The Timberlake interview was bad. I like M Grace on the Diamondbacks broadcast team, he does a good job. But in this interview we seemed like he was trying to be “hip”. J Buck had to remind him to ask about the movie (which was the only real point of the interview). And FOX probably wasn’t to happy with the beer comments

  2. I like how you said it…’ready for sale.’ That’s exactly it. Those jersey are in-style for the three hours during the game. Afterwards, you wouldn’t be caught dead in them. Here’s the thing with Fox’s in-game interview…they take a color guy in Mark Grace and ask him to do a reporter’s job. That’s not Gracie’s thing, it’s not what he’s good at, it’s not what he should be doing…WHICH IS TALKING BASEBALL. All of that came across in the interview. Not Grace’s fault, but it didn’t make him sparkle either. Obviously, the point was to sell the movie…but with Timberlake preferring to act like a clown it put Grace in over his head and left Joe Buck to save him. End result? Well, I can’t even tell you the name of the movie. The whole thing was a dumpster fire, waste of time, and above all else, took away from the game MLB is trying so hard to sell. Unreal!

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