Ryne Sandberg Still Open To Managing Cubs

I believe Ryne Sandberg remains open to the possibility of managing the Cubs. And no, it’s not just wishful thinking on my part.

Sandberg’s candor and diplomatic approach to answering this particular questions is the tell tale sign.

Despite his every right to shun the Cubs after the organization snubbed him in favor of Mike Quade last year, Sandberg refuses to do so. Why?

Because Ryne knows what we do–Jim Hendry and Mike Quade are far from a sure-thing in 2012.

That alone gives Sandberg leverage to unseat Quade heading into the offseason…in addition to having already done everything asked of him by the Cubs organization to earn the big league job, not to mention, earning the PCL Manager of the Year Award in 2010.

It’s a smart approach by Sandberg–quietly keep saying the right things while the Cubs close-in on 100-losses.

The Cubs, meanwhile, are fortunate Sandberg was also passed over by the rest of baseball last year. But with his Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (53-37) 16-games above .500 and leading the International League’s North Division…fat chance he’ll be passed over again this offseason.

Hendry and Quade are tied at the hip…if one goes so does the other. For either to survive a 100-loss season is unlikely, leaving Ryno there for the taking.

There’s no reason Tom Ricketts shouldn’t pick Sandberg this time around. The fans want him…and Ryno wants to be here.

True to form, Sandberg’s just saying it in so many words.


No brainer decision by the Cardinals to lock up Jaime Garcia for four more years.

The move by-passes Garcia’s arbitration eligible years and offers him a club option for a fifth and sixth season.

The 25-year-old leads the team in victories at the All-Star break. He’s (9-3) with a 3.23 ERA.

The lefty is also tied for the NL lead with two shutouts and has an MLB-best 1.14 ERA with his (6-1) record at home.

Garcia has proven he’s fully recovered from reconstructive elbow surgery that sidelined him two seasons ago…and shown he’s not too shabby vs. the rival Cubs: (2-0), 1.20 ERA.

Four more years of Garcia tormenting the our Cubs…great.


Welcome back Slowskys!


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