Cubs’ Special

I call it the Cubs’ Special–just give it away.

It’s as if George Strait sang this song with the Cubs in mind.


Heading into the season Quade promised sound fundamental baseball. The Cubs, however, have played anything but thus far.

Another example being Marmol’s failure to back up a throw to the plate in the ninth, allowing the go-ahead run to score Thursday night.

Clearly, Quade’s approach isn’t working. And he’s the man responsible to hold players accountable for mental breakdowns.

Whatever the case, Quade must make it clear to his players this type of poor execution is not tolerated. If that means sitting Marmol in favor of Wood in the next save situation, so be it.

Sitting guys usually gets the point across. But if that doesn’t work, hit’em where it counts–in their wallets. BUT DO SOMETHING!


Rarely do we see a player excel as well as Geovany Soto did on his bobble head night! Big Geo went 4-for-4 at the plate in addition to calling a terrific game behind the plate for Matt Garza.


We know valuing a pitcher based on his numbers of wins alone is a thing of the past.

Which is why I amazed one can’t find the number of Quality Starts listed on the landing page of a stats site.……neither lists quality starts on a pitcher’s main stats page. Why is that?

Garza’s seven shutout innings vs.the Marlins ties him for the Cubs lead in QS with (9). Dempster and Zambrano also have (9) QS. Who’s second best?

Try Randy Wells and Doug Davis with (2) each.


Trader Jack & Cam-Boogy!

Love seeing Jack McKeon back in the dugout at Wrigley. Dude’s 80-years-old and still kicking butt at the major league level!

McKeon, of course, isn’t the long term answer in Miami–he won’t live forever–but I have no doubt the Fish will be a better second half club under his guidance.

And I’ll throw out there I wouldn’t be surprised if the club welcomes him back next year to unveil the city’s new ballpark.

Love me some Cam-Boogy, too! At 38-years-old he’s McKeon-age in player’s years, but it never gets old seeing him roam center field.

Marlins are expected to give Cameron plenty of playing time, which he didn’t get with Boston in the first half of the season, leading to a tough .149 batting average.


What’s happened to Hanley Ramirez? He went from one of the game’s brightest stars to a near forgotten.

He’s batting 100-points lower than he did just two seasons ago, and his power stoke has seemingly vanished.

Is Ramirez still viewed as ‘The Franchise,’ or has the torch been passed to Mike Stanton?

Hanley Ramirez
2006 – .292, 17 HR, 59 RBI (won Rookie of the Year Award)
2007 – .332, 29 HR, 81 RBI
2008 – .301, 33 HR, 67 RBI (scored 125 runs)
2009 – .342, 24 HR, 106 RBI
2010 – .300, 21 HR, 76 RBI

2011 – .242, 8 HR, 37 RBI???


Watched The Lincoln Lawyer staring Matthew McConaughey. Not bad, not great, but a good movie overall.

More interestingly, there’s some Cub Love in the flick thanks to William H. Macy’s character ‘Frank Levine,’ who plays a former Chicago police officer.

Was the name ‘Levine’ also a tribute to one, Bruce Levine, of ESPN 1000?


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