Wells & The $80 Hot Dog

It’s been three months since Randy Wells pitched like we expected him to.
At last he managed to get out of the first inning unscathed–seemingly a first.
Then put it on cruise control for another five frames.
It seems so simply for this guy…get through the first, get a win.
But the question remains…will Wells repeat his success?


The kid continues to improve.
Another strong outing Saturday, earning his 6th Hold of the year.
He’s held opponents to a .201 avg. in 55.2 innings of work.
That’s the 5th lowest mark for any reliever with at least 50.0 innings pitched.
He’s finally showing the Cubs he’s major league caliber.
I had plenty of doubts that would never happen.


Big Geo says winning three in a row isn’t mentally important for the Cubs.

“Not really. Three in a row hasn’t happened yet, but we don’t look at it that way. We’re not really concern. We just want to have (good) ballgames and try to get into a rhythm. We’ve been on and off the whole year and we just want to have a mental breather to just get into rhythm, get everything to click and have everything go our way for a little bit.”

Love Geo, but I couldn’t disagree more. The Cubs desperately need a winning streak. Not for contending, of course, but to avoid the disaster of a 100-loss season, which grows more likely with each passing series.

Winning builds confidence…not mental breathers…not luck. Getting things to go your way means playing good, sound, fundamental baseball.

If the Cubs aren’t worried about stringing three wins together, shame on them. It’s late July for goodness sake, the failure to win three straight should be eating them alive mentally.


Speaking of three straight…the Cubs won’t have a better chance at bowling a turkey than Sunday. Houston has lost 14 of its last 18 road games and six straight overall.

With Garza on the bump, there’s no reason the Cubs shouldn’t sweep this series against the major’s worst club.

Quade needs it more than ever. How can you bring a manager back that hasn’t won three straight or swept a three-game series, especially at home? I don’t think you can.


NL Central Race
St. Louis is reminding the Pirates who the big brother is of the Central division.
Despite sell out crowds in the Steel City, the Cards have handily taken the first two
games of the weekend series…jumping Pittsburgh for the division lead in the process.

Pujols, Berkman and Holliday are all healthy and swinging the bats well. A sure-fire sign the Birds are poised for a run.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee, tied for the lead with St. Louis, continues to tread water. Cincy, however, can’t win back-to-back games to save their lives.

Is it time we’ll see St. Louis pull away?


The $80.00 Hot Dog!

The foot-long wiener will get the royal treatment. After deep frying, it will be rolled in truffle oil, then coated in porcini dust. The dog is to be topped with white truffle shavings and crème fraiche. If that doesn’t gild the lily enough, the frank will be finished with caviar and fresh roe.


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