Mike Quade The New Rod Marinelli

Mike Quade is the Rod Marinelli of baseball, keeping continuous optimism despite long odds in the face of reality.

Marinelli’s Detroit Lions famously finished the 2008 season winless at 0-16. Quade’s crew is racing towards baseball’s equivalent of 100-losses.

Like Marinelli, Quade refuses to face the music, which is admirable to some degree, but the rest of us, including Cubs players, acknowledge this season is long gone…and has been for some time.

Quade’s denial of the real situation–the Cubs stink–is disheartening. And his unwillingness to address reality is reaffirming the notion Quade isn’t cut out for the job, which is tough to swallow for a guy who’s likeable, but seemingly in over his head.

So while Cubs fans discuss whether or not the team should hold a fire-sale, Quade talks about contending, the same way Marinelli stood at the post game podium and spoke of winning ways on Detroit’s horizon.

I’ve been torn on whether or not Quade will return as the Cubs skipper. And to a large degree, that has a lot to do with whether or not Jim Hendry returns as the GM.

However, Quade’s blind optimism has done little to inspire the Cubs play. They’ve followed up the season’s first three-game winning streak with two poorly played games in Milwaukee…the beat goes on.

Marinelli lasted three rounds before his dismissal in Detroit. Quade, however, won’t be as fortunate. His unwavering optimism appears to be the fatal blow to a one-&-done stint on the North Side.


How is it the Cubs pursue Jason Frasor for three years but the White Sox land him in a trade for Mark Teahen?

The hometown kid, Frasor, who grew up a Cubs fan mind you, is a very serviceable right-handed reliever. He’s posted a 2.98 ERA in 44 games…pitching in the AL East, nonetheless.

Teahen, meanwhile, has had trouble keeping up with his $4.75M contract hitting .203, 3 HR, 11 RBI in 51 games. And he’s due $5.5M in 2012!

At first blush, if Teahen was all it took to land Frasor it’s hard to believe the Cubs couldn’t make a better offer this season or in years past.

A real head-scratcher if you ask me.


Corey Patterson A Cardinal

The former Cubs outfielder was traded today from Toronto to St. Louis as part of an eight-player swap.

-Blue Jays get: CF Colby Rasmus, LHP Trever Miller, LHP Brian Tallet and RHP P.J. Walters

-Cardinals get: RHP Edwin Jackson, Octavio Dotel, LHP Marc Rzepczynski and Corey Patterson

Patterson this season:
.252, 6 HR, 33 RBI, 13 SB, 89 games.

-First chance to boo Patterson at Wrigley Field: Friday August 19th.


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