Who Will Replace Mike Quade?

It’s obvious the Cubs are no longer playing hard behind Mike Quade, which despite all the losing, was the one thing the skipper could hang his hat on this season.

However, the Cubs’ lack of focus and general disinterest during this five-game losing streak has become frightening.

It’s more than just poor fundamentals, lack of talent or speculative trade rumors. It’s unprofessional. It’s the definition of embarrassing–far more than any earlier point in the season.

During this horrid streak we’ve witnessed poor base running—guys thrown out at third and home plate. Countless fielding errors. Poor starting pitching. Poor relief pitching. Wasted at-bats, and a complete loss in motivation and drive to win games.

At the surface it all seems status quo for a team 23-games below .500–the Cubs are a bad team playing bad baseball. But dig a little deeper and we see a team crumbling apart at its core…a team with no heart or desire to continue playing hard for the man in charge.  

Of course it’s not surprising the season has slipped to such depths. What else would one expect from a team destined for 100-losses?

But if this losing skid has shown us anything, it’s that Quade’s tenure as manager is speeding towards its end–or at least should be.

That’s not to say it’s all Quade’s fault. We know better. But someone must come under the gun for the plethora of excuses to go around. And that someone is usually the manager.

Relieving Quade of his duties is the Ricketts family’s first step to stop making excuses, begin a changing of the guard, and start building a winning culture, all of which the Ricketts have promised to do.

The time to deliver has grown long overdue.

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